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Have you ever needed something yet weren't able to afford it? If so it wasn't necessarily because you didn't deserve it or didn't work hard enough for it. The simple truth is that someone else was simply unable or most likely unwilling to give it to you. Someone created an imaginary value that intentionally placed it outside of your financial reach. In addition your own sense of self value may be an unwitting accomplice in the effort to place it beyond your energetic arms. What if you were able to have access to a magical form of currency that instantly creates abundance for everyone beyond a millionaire, billionaire or any finite number.


There are no forms to fill it out, no gold bars to carry and no limit on what you can attain once you have two things.


1. The first is a free mind which will allow you envision the ability to gain and give without limitation. You must be willing to release any ideas you have about money, value or what you can or can't give or receive. The limits of your mind determine what you are able to physically pull from your field of awareness.

2. The second is an open heart which will allow the flow of love and appreciation to be channeled through you effortlessly. Your self worth determines your vibrational status. This determines what you allow yourself to give or receive.


Once you have attained this healthy and balanced state of being you will qualify to be able to use the greatest universal currency which has been used by the most highly advanced beings who exist in our universe.

The currency of which i speak is called love. Love is the original standard of which gold became a physical representation of which declined into the form of paper. In order to use the love currency you must be in a space of true appreciation in connection to the divine spirit that connects all life. 

When you are in that state of being you will be moved to give just because you can and you know that by doing something that benefits others you are blessing yourself. 

The flexibility of love allows it to accompany any other form of value material or otherwise. 


FO's Frequent Objections

Q: What if no one is willing to give?

A: You are in the mind of fear which is a block to receiving and giving. Be open, do your part and let the magic happen. 

Q: What if I don't get enough?

A: No other form of currency ensures you will "get enough". In fact placing a numerical value can be limiting. 

Ex. Once you set a price you have set a limit on the value you can receive and the perceived worth. By leaving it open you can receive or give based upon the unique value system of whoever you are dealing with.



•Every exchange is unique and everyone's value system is different. This allows the flexibility to make every opportunity to share as balanced as possible.

•There is no limit on what you can give or receive

•There is no toll booth on the highway of sharing which limits who can pass based upon the amount of a physical object you possess.

•Works with any other form of currency. You can send money out of love. You can give someone anything without restriction  including advice or valuable information . 


Give freely and abundantly in any form and be open to receiving the same. Our collective health depends upon this since blockages in the flow of energy produce illness. The ability to give ourselves permission to give freely removes blockages and allows the love to flow like blood the river of life should travel effortlessly through every part of the body to maintain maximum health. To have to sell is to be in a cell. 


All Love Offerings are given with the sole intent of improving the quality of being of the recipient thus there are no reciprocal obligations outside of universal law in balance with the unique moral values of the self. 

As in nature all things give freely of their gifts, talents and abilities thus it is my will to create and offer the fruit of my gifts to others to enjoy freely. The fruits of my being are priceless and alive as they will continue to stimulate life and love thus no set limit can be place on them. In balance I am willing to receive gratefully whatever your heart is motivated to offer. All knowledge, art and music is available to all at no charge excluding the costs of production or delivery for that which this applies.  

If you appreciate these gifts feel free to give abundantly to the degree of your appreciation based upon your higher scale of balance in accordance with your ability. The less we are willing to share the less we are willing to receive. 

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